Monday, 14 March 2016

Coffee Morning at Hirwaun Library on 11th March

Our Coffee Morning at Hirwaun Library was a great success and raised a total of £186.     We had a good turn out - there was a good selection of home made cakes and savouries as well as competitions. Winners were:  "Name the Teddy Bear" - Elizabeth Peters and "Guess the weight of the cake" - Irene Phillips (no it was not fixed - Anne James organised this event,  made the cake and weighed it!!!!)

Thanks to our good friend Margaret, the ladies at the Natty Knitting Group and customers at the Harrington  Hair Dressing Salon very kindly bought the surplus cakes raising a further £30.00.    The grand total raised was therefore £216.00..

Our grateful thanks to Paul and his staff at the library for being great hosts, to friends Elizabeth and Anne who helped Irene with the baking and to everyone who supported -we value you.

On the right is Petre from Romania
who was visiting his family in Wales

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Friday Charity sessions at Hirwaun Library

It is now 6 months since we started our Friday presence at Hirwaun Library where we do Christmas shoe box activities and arts and crafts to sell for funds.   We have been touched by  the support of Paul and his staff and our volunteers who have grown in number.   People also drop in for a cup of tea and some home made cake whilst others bring along knitting and shoe box fillers.

The people of Hirwaun have embraced us and we are so grateful for the support.  Friday, 11th March will be different in that we will hold a coffee morning.  Please come along for some home made cakes and enjoy some competitions.  

Coffee Morning at Merthyr Tydfil

A successful Coffee Morning  at the Merthyr home of Trustees, Mihai and Ema on 24th March raised £61.50. Irene, Adina and Ema had been busy baking an assortment of cakes and there were cottage pies and also trifles on sale. The competitions "Guess the name of the dog" and "Guess the weight" of the cake were great fun.  We all enjoyed our time of fellowship whilst raising money for the Lord's projects in Romania.

A big Thank You to all who supported in any way.

We have another such event on Friday, 11th March at Hirwaun Library  10am to 12 noon.  We would love to see you all.    

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A tribute to Roza from the Widow's Mite Project

Yesterday I received news that another of our precious widows - dear Roza from the village of Vinga passed away.  Sadly it was expected as she had suffered for some time with gangrene in both legs and a serious heart condition.  Roza was told last year that she needed both her legs amputated.  She refused to consider this as there would have been  no quality of life for her and so she decided to place everything in the Lord's hands.  She lived in a poor area in a mud brick house with earth floors and we visited her with food and a Christmas gift in December..

Last year she asked to be baptized and we give thanks for all the support provided by Pastor Jackie and her team.  Her food, wood and medication needs were all supplied but most importantly she was encouraged spiritually.  She is now safe in the arms of her Lord and Saviour where there is no more pain.  It was indeed a privilege to have known her for many years.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Giving thanks for the life of Rozalia

Each of the elderly ladies and gentlemen being supported on the Widows Mite Project are very dear to our hearts.  We get to know them all in a very personal way,  Today we are giving thanks for Rozalia's life following the news that she has passed away.

She was a special lady that Adina and I first visited 4 years ago after receiving information that she was a double amputee in need of support.  She told us that she had been a diabetic since the age of 15 and had just been discharged from hospital after her second leg amputation after which she had also had a heart attack.  She was only 63 at the time.  Due to her circumstances she was very low and we prayed that a friend would come along side her.  We rejoiced that our prayers were answered because the next time we visited in the summer Rozalia was happily sitting out in the garden in her wheelchair - someone had given her a dog who had become her best friend - there was such a bond between them that the dog was so protective of her - one step towards Rozalia and you ran the risk of being eaten!!!  In latter days the dog had to be shut away before we could visit.

Whilst we were back home in Wales, Adina had been a frequent visitor and had also supported Rozalia via a school project. Wayne, myself and Adina last visited her in December and we had such precious time together as she opened her Christmas Shoe  Box gift.    I so enjoyed picking out special items that I knew she would love and she was so excited. She was special -  Bye Rozalia - we shall miss you until we meet again.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Christmas and New Year back in Wales but a few funny photos as we reflect on our trip

After a blessed trip we arrived safely back  in Wales at 5.30 am on Christmas Eve and will resume ministry work here in January.  

The rest of the day was spent with some essential food shopping plus a visit to my mum to arrange some hair styling ready for Christmas!.  Like last year Wayne and I went our separate ways for most of the day - church services and then the day with our respective parents.  I also managed a quick present opening time with my sons.  We give thanks that we still have our parents and it is important that we are here to support them.  We caught up with each other late afternoon and spent a quiet evening together.

Reflecting on the trip here are a few funny and private moments caught on Camera.  We wish you all a belated Happy New Year full of God's love and grace.

We both received traditional Mus Nicolai Sticks
and chocolate outside the door of our bedroom
on 6th December!

Hubbie - leaving the home of one of our widows -
I hope these are for me!!
Adina negogiated a few muddy lanes with the minibus!

Adina's Naughty but Nice Cheesecake!

Fancy a chicken dinner - these are for sale at the Flea Market!

Wayne inspecting the second hand tools at the Flea Market-
sorry bit too heavy for the suitcase!

A cabbage shredder - good for bulk coleslaw!!

Our hosts Mamma Maria and husband Ioan on their
way to Church  with shoebox gifts they have made
 for poor children in Moldova

Journal from Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd December - Osana Children's Home and final catch up with friends

Monday, 21st December, 2015
This morning we are off to the Osana Children's Home in Timisoara to meet the girls and  wonderful house parents and to distribute gifts.  It was so good to catch up with them all especially sisters Julie and Rebecca whom we have been involved with for the past 10 years.    On our return we joined Adina and 2 Italian volunteers plus children from the Tabita Children’s Home for a Pizza kindly given as a Christmas treat by Michael and his friend. 

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2015
Sadly this is our last full day in Romania.  Today we visited dear Iasmina and her mum.  They are an inspirational pair in the way in which they cope daily with Iasmina’s disabilities.  Iasmina spends a great deal of time in hospitals but in between these stays she is able to go to school.  Sadly she has had to change schools twice as some cruel children have been mocking her because of her disabilities.  I find this all so very sad.  She is however happy in her current school and is doing very well academically.    We had a great catch up and gave them their shoe box gifts.  Thank you to her sponsor Julie for Iasmina’s box and I had great delight in making another up for a very worthy mum!!  They are precious – please pray for them both. 

Later we visited my dear friend Nina, whom I have known for the past 10 years when I moved to Romania.  We used to work at Pastor Jackie’s San Nicolau Mic Christian School together.   Nina is a great mum to 10 children – 5 still live at home.  Nina has suffered much hardship during her life and we give thanks that through working abroad her older children are now in a position to support her financially.    We were thrilled to hear that most of them will be home for Christmas. 

Wednesday, 23rd  December, 2015

Last minute packing before saying our goodbyes until the next trip.  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us with the 3 week mission – we could not have done it without you.  Special thank you to the Lucas for their hospitality once again and to Adina for taking us to the airport  - we look forward to seeing you back in Wales in January.  Finally this is God’s work and we are privileged to be used as His servants.  We give Him all the thanks and glory for a successful trip.